Exiting The Stage

Prince SNL 1981

Like most music fans, I’m still trying to come to terms with Prince’s death.  Saturday Night Live this past week paid tribute to Prince by airing his many appearances on the show.  Watching his first appearance on the show back in 1981, you are in just awe of his performance of Party Up.   The best part is that  he abruptly leaves the stage knowing he played like no one has played before and there is not need to soak up the applause.  It is so punk rock.   Who has that confidence?

Last Saturday, his remains were cremated and their final storage will remain private.   Just like in his performances, Prince’s life was so inspiring that there is no need for an encore.  He Soul will live on and we are just here to gasp in awe of the artistry he left behind.

Party Up, Prince!


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