Everything that happens once can never happen again…

…But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.

I found that quote by Paulo Coelho which kind of relates to a number of this week’s music releases.

First off  is The Smiths Complete which is all eight of their brilliant albums, filled with hurt, pain, awkwardness and misunderstandings.  This brilliant English band will thankfully never get back together again because this music was just  a wonderful moment in time which can never be duplicated.  I’d hate for my kids to hear this brilliant English band because they’ll realize once again that their father was just some nerdy teenage kid finding solace in weird music and now has somehow became their dad.

Jane’s Addiction is also coming out with a new album.  They had a magical run with their first two records.  They were dark and mysterious and put on wonderous live performances.  They broke up in the early 90’s but then unfortunately came back and put out a lame record with a song on it that became a TV theme song.  Well they’re back for a third time and I fear it’ll be more of the same.

Lastly is an artist that put out one of my favorite country albums of all time.  That album is entitled I Am Shelby Lynne.  Shelby Lynne received numerous accolades for it including a Grammy for Best New Artist.  Unfortunately she’s been trying to run from it ever since, creating interesting music but nothing as compelling as that album from 1999.  I’m hoping that she’ll be able to make it happen again.  She’s got a new album coming out called Revelation Road.  She’s produced this one which hopefully promises to explore many different facets of this unique artist.  Let’s hope she can once again make magic happen twice so it will surely happen a third time.

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