Dylan and Public Radio

Dylan in 1975 turns 75

Yesterday was Dylan’s 75th birthday and as WXPN’s David Dye mentioned, “It sure is nice to celebrate someone’s contribution to pop culture while they’re still around”.  It’s a nice treat that only public radio can do

A number of stations including WXPN in Philadelphia and WUMB in Boston celebrated by playing non-stop Dylan music.  KCRW in Los Angeles devoted their Eclectic 24 music site to all things Dylan.

Like all good public radio stations they just don’t play the hits, they played covers, alternate versions, interviews, artists speaking on Dylan.  I heard new songs and discovered artists I never knew existed

While listening to KCRW I heard this amazing jazz guitar version of “Lay Lady Lay” by David T. Walker


There are so many great Dylan covers.  Back in 2009 Paste Magazine posted the 50 best Dylan covers.  It’s a testament to the strength of Dylan’s songs that this list could have 50 alternate versions on this list and no one would blink an eye. For example, this version was not on the list and it is absolutely my favorite Dylan cover.    It’s Sinead O’Connor “I Believe In You”.  This one performance just knocks me out.

This one was listed by Paste but it’s still a good excuse to post it as it just showcases the diversity of the music Bob can inspire in artists….plus, I just love PJ Harvey’s punked out version of “Highway 61 Revisited.


Happy Birthday, Bob. May you stay forever young.


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