Dry The River

Thanks to 885 KSCN I heard a new band that caught my interest.  Thanks to Shazam, I found out who it was immediately.  Thanks to Songkick I found out they’re playing at the Troubadour this weekend opening up for Bowerbirds.  The band that caught my interest is called  Dry The River.  Thanks to the Troubadour website, I learned their back story.

“Dry the River formed in spring 2009. Based in a shared two-bedroom house in Stratford, east London the five came together via circuitous geographical and musical routes.  Singer-songwriter Peter Liddle, born in Norway and drawing narrative inspiration from university studies in medicine and anthropology, once homeless drummer Jon Warren, background playing in DIY punk bands, classically trained violinist Will Harvey.”

 Thanks to the Dry The River website I found the lyrics.   The song is “Weights and Measures” .  Thanks to YouTube I found the video for your enjoyment.   The album, Shallow Bed comes out April 17.  I’m now a fan of Dry The River.  This all happened in a span of 30 minutes.

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