David Letterman: Punk Rocker

David Letterman Comdy's Punk Rocker

David Letterman: Comdy’s Punk Rocker

To this viewer, there was nothing more original than Late Night With David Letterman.  The Late Show was a well deserved 22 year victory lap for David Letterman.  Everything I learned from comedy appreciated about comedy came from Letterman’s perspective.  It’s probably why I’m a little more cynical and jaded than I should be.  It’s probably why I never attempted the field of comedy because I knew that Letterman and his staff of writers looked at the world with such a unique view of the way pop culture was consumed that any attempt on my part would just be plagiarism.  David kept changing the rules of comedy.  It really was punk rock.

One example is The Top Ten list.  He saw this trend toward lazy journalism 30 years ago and turned it upside down.  The best example is the very first top ten list from September 18, 1985.  Top ten words that almost rhyme with “peas”:

And since this is a music focused blog (and since I am lazy), here are a ten rock stars presenting top ten lists:

1) Mick Jagger “Top 10 things I learned after 50 years in rock n’ roll”

2) Ways The Country Would Be Different If Britney Spears were President

3) Eminem‘s Top Ten Advice For The Kids

4) Top 10 things that sound cool when said by Snoop Dogg

5) Lil Wayne Top Ten Reasons I’m Looking Forward to The Grammy Awards

6) Top Ten Reasons It’s fun To Be Justin Bieber

7) Michael Bublè “Top Ten Least Popular Musical Standards”

8) Top Ten rejected Josh Groban songs

9) Christina Aguilera “Top Ten lists for aspiring singers”

10) Top Ten Things U2 has learned over the years

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