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Hold the football

Many halftime performers are given a football and they have to (awkwardly) pose with it and try to make it look like they know what this foreign object is. Here are the results. 1992: Gloria Estefan awkward two handed hold on a football 1993: Michael Jackson seems to be questioning why this thing is in […]

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2 For 2uesday: Football edition

Since it’s football week, I’ll post bits of football terms from bands I would never, ever post. If nothing else, at least you now can spout off some knowledge at the big game. Nickelback is a cornerback or safety who serves as the fifth (in addition to the typical four) defensive back on the defense. A […]

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Musicians acting like Jocks

Since it’s a “Super” week leading up to the Super Sunday, we’ll take a look at musicians and they’re tenuous relationship with sports. If you ask any musician, most likely they’ll tell you they picked up an instrument because they were not jocks.  However once said musician becomes a rock star, they are sometimes unwittingly […]

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Let’s Ram It!

Tonight is the first regular season football game for the Los Angeles Rams in 22 years.  My former football love left me for St. Louis but has now returned and is asking forgiveness.  Old wounds may eventually heal but I’m sure the 1986 Rams team will never recover from this video, cleverly entitled “Let’s Ram […]

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Opening Day Closer Songs

Happy Opening Day to baseball! It’s so big that they have to extend opening day to two days. Last year, I played a few of my favorite walk up songs for hitters but it’s the closer that gets the headlines.  One of the highlights of the games is hearing “Enter Sandman” or “Hell’s Bells” or “Welcome […]

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The Women’s World Cup 2015

I can’t think of a better gift for the Women’s World Cup than the announcement on June 2 of Sepp Blatter’s resignation.  Here are a few of his more notorious quotes In response to the questions “How does FIFA plan to promote women inside FIFA? “Football is very macho,” Blatter answered. “It’s so difficult to […]

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Hitters Walk Up Music

Opening week of baseball.  Everyone feels positive this will be there year.  Good vibes all around.  By the month of May excuses start and questions arise.  Each game brings new hope and each at bat gives the player a  chance to make something happen.  Part of the fun is the music a player selects to pump him […]

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I’m loving the World Cup.  It’s full of so much drama, upsets and surprises.  Apparently though, Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has been watching too much True Blood and Walking Dead as he took a bite of Italian player Giorgio Chiellini. This is not the first time this has happened.  Last year, Suarez bit Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic and […]

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Go Kings Go!

For those of you not in the know, the Los Angeles Kings just won their second Stanley Cup in three years.  It’s a local holiday today as the city celebrates its hometown hockey heroes. Like all sports, every aspect of their game is broken down for analysis.  The Kings have an In-Game Music Blog so even though […]

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Stay In

Normally I recommend things to do to get out of the house, but since the World Cup is going on…stay indoors and soak up the beautiful game.  Here’s the schedule for this weekend.  The United States will not play until Monday at 6PM.  While you’re perusing through the schedule, why don’t you enjoy English footballer […]

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