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The Count Episode 81

The show that airs weekly on DASH Radio on Dash Alt X. This week as we count down the top ten Alt Rock songs in the nation. We’ll give you new music from Portugal the Man, Lord Huron and Mondo Cozmo. We’ll introduce you to The Wallows and we’ll flashback to 1995 for a song […]

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KROQ AND ALT 98.7 radio shows

What has happened to the World Famous KROQ? Six months ago they were in a virtual tie with ALT 98.7.  KROQ had  2.075 million cumulative listeners and a 2.9% share of the LA market. ALT 98.7 had 2.024 million and a 3.0% share. Today, KROQ is 19th in the market with a 1.774  cume and 2.2 share. […]

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KSAN Freak Radio

I finally attended the Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution exhibit at The Skirball and as an extra benefit there was a panel remembering the work of legendary San Francisco free (freak) form radio station KSAN.  At the panel were Raechel Donahue, Ben Fong-Torres, and Bonnie Simmons.  They all recalled fondly the time in the late […]

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The Oldies Countdown

As I was enjoying the Fourth Of July weekend, my radio dial fell up K-EARTH 101 and the Firecracker 400 countdown. First of all, for an oldies countdown that is so arbitrary it was totally addicting.  And it also started up the “There is no way that song should rank higher than this song” discussion. […]

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Death of Rock Radio

Well the title of this post isn’t exactly true but while Lollapalooza, one of the finest Rock music festivals in the country was going on in Chicago, Q101 one of the finest alternative rock radio stations in the country was not there because it changed to a news format a few weeks earlier. Similarly in […]

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