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Happy Thanksgiving

In Part 1 of our Thanksgiving What Difference Does It Make Podcast, Dave and Holly discuss the songs that make them thankful during this time of year. Holly goes for the literal thank you songs while Dave dives into hippie mode and picks a couple songs for the freaks.     In Part 2, Dave & […]

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Retro Futrura Review

On this edition of the What Difference Does It Make podcast, Dave and Holly discuss the expectations and realities of seeing a nostalgic 80s show featuring ABC, Modern English, Tony Lewis of The Outfield, Limahl of Kajagoogoo and Annabella of Bow Wow Wow. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit […]

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What Difference Does It Make

Hey Strangers! As Staind once said, It’s been awhile. Yes, like everyone else in the world, I now have a podcast.  It’s called What Difference Does It Make. And along with my partner in crime, Holly Cantos, we will talk about everything 80s and beyond.  It should be fun…until it’s not. I will post the […]

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Greatest Hits/Hiatus

May 2 is the 6th anniversary of Let’s Not Get Carried Away.  This is the 1,520th post.  I’m pretty sure I posted consistently Monday through Friday but it’s been over two months since I last posted.  Like all bands, there comes a time when you need to go on hiatus.  It might be temporary, it might […]

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New Music Friday: Thundercat

Based on two songs I’m all in for the new album by Thundercat.  The album is called Drunk. These two songs are the soon to be Yacht Rock Classic “Show You The Way” featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.   The other song is the soon to be Anti-Valentine song “Friend Zone”.  Favorite lyrics: “I’m […]

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Localchella is coming

It’s being called Goldenvoice presents April but it’s always been known as Localchella.  Bands that are locked in for two weekends at Coachella venture out and play local venues.  It’s a great way to actually see bands in an actual club with an appreciative audience.  Go figure. Tickets start to go on sales this weekend […]

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2 For 2uesday: Oscar edition

I love awkward performances and these two performances on the Oscar show have stayed with me because they were so out of the ordinary. This first one is endearingly awkward as Elliott Smith comes out of the indie underground to play to a mainstream audience. The song is Miss Misery and it comes from the […]

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Kurt Cobain would have been 50 today

I’m sure there will be many thought pieces on what should have been Kurt’s 50th Birthday.  We can all speculate on what might have been.  Nirvana might have recorded a 3rd album before breaking up.  Kurt would probably be divorced. Kurt would probably have gotten into a Twitter war with Kanye. Here’s what we do […]

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New Music Friday: Ryan Adams

Let’s call this new album from Ryan Adams the Post-Valentine’s Day record. What can you say about Ryan Adams? He is pretty consistent with his album output. Prisoner is his 16th in 18 years as a solo artist.  Prisoner is his breakup album.  His 6 year marriage to Mandy Moore officially ended last year so one […]

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Happy Birthday Matt Groening

Matt has created the longest running TV series ever (in case you’re not paying attention, it’s The Simpsons) and yet I still don’t know how to correctly say his last name….I’m pretty sure it’s Gray-ning. Since, this is a music blo,g I present to you my 5 favorite musician cameos from the show. Linda Ronstadt […]

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