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2 For 2uesday

Peter Gabriel has just released a new single “The Veil” that is featured in the new Oliver Stone movie “Snowden” I was very happy to learn Oliver Stone had decided to make a film about Edward Snowden and believe this is a powerful and inspiring film. Oliver takes his music very seriously and I have […]

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2 for 2uesday

I’m still on my LA Punk kick thanks to Under The Big Black Sun so here are two songs I recently discovered.  New to me, new to you. As Chris Morris writes in his essay regarding the madness in some bands. “There were certain bands to which I gave a wide berth. One of them was […]

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Get Out To Cinefamily

I love music and I love movies and I love the people that do the curation at Cinefamily.  Here’s the schedule for this weekend.  You can’t go wrong with any of these events. Thursday: A Band And A Movie Ted Leo presents Band On Everyone’s favorite music Pharmacist presents the movie “Band On”.  In Ted’s […]

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Get out to the movies

June means summer and summer means movies but if you’re like me you  might just be sick of comic book film and explosions.  Here are a few choices for this weekend and of course they’re music themed. The following films will be shown as part of the LA Film Festival   The Music of Strangers […]

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Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some is being marketed as the “spiritual” sequel to the cult classic Dazed and Confused.  I think the correct phrasing should be “musically spiritual”.    I say that because while I would have loved the opportunity to hang out with most of the characters in Dazed and Confused most of the jocks featured […]

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Oscars Music (Original Song)

The Oscars are this Sunday and amazingly enough I have been able to view all eight nominations.  However I realized I have no clue as to what the nominees are for Best Original song.  Obviously it’s not a major category, but the Oscar show usually needs to rely on these songs to provide some sort […]

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Romantic gestures in Films

  Usually I suggest you go out during the weekend but since Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday. Stay in and watch a movie with a loved one.  These are a few of my favorites and of course songs are involved in each.  I’ll skip John Cusack and his boombox as everyone knows it. Soccer, marching […]

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Chris Martin, Actor extraordaire

  Coldplay is playing the Super Bowl halftime show this week and will embark on a stadium tour this summer. In case things don’t work out, he can always fall back on his acting.  Here are Chris Martin’s four memorable moments playing off his rock star persona. Back up singer and vertical shelf builder Jan […]

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Running scenes in movies

I’m running a 1/2 marathon (why do a full marathon when 1/2 is available) next week.  So I’m looking for inspirational music.  What better place then the movies?  Here are ten scenes that I’m going to watch before the big race. “If I was going anywhere, I was running” music by Alan Silvestri “Chariots Of […]

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Get Out

You could be wasting time with your friends by “going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!” However, there are a few non Star Wars related activities to do this weekend. Tonight you definitely need to go to The Cinefamily Mondo Holiday Star Wars Opening Night Pre-Game Tailgate Christmas Party Celebration Gala SPECIAL […]

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