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Sleepovers for tickets

Back in the day it was first come first served for tickets.  You wait in line and wait your turn.  I got rewarded with good seats to see Springsteen and U2.  Of course this thing called the world wide web came around and everyone all over the world could get a ticket for a show. […]

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2 for 2uesday

I’m still on my LA Punk kick thanks to Under The Big Black Sun so here are two songs I recently discovered.  New to me, new to you. As Chris Morris writes in his essay regarding the madness in some bands. “There were certain bands to which I gave a wide berth. One of them was […]

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Under The Big Black Sun

I missed the L.A. Punk movement.  Instead I had to settle ten years later for the Paisley scene.  Not as cool.  I just finished John Doe‘s anthology book “Under The Big Black Sun” that includes essays from many of the people associated with the LA punk scene. John Doe, Henry Rollins, Jane Wiedlin among many […]

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New Music Friday

Tame Impala “Currents” The trippy Aussie rockers discover that’s it’s cool to dance too.  Think of a mixture between Pink Floyd, ELO and Prince and you might have an idea of where they’re heading.  This might not be their breakthrough record but it’s still going to bring in many new fans and still keep their […]

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Get Out

This week instead of music how about some spoken word action, both comedic and tragic? First we get the silly with the KROQ April Foolishiness.  Here are a few classic bits from the lineup. Remember, this is comedy so it’s mostly NSFW! Tenacious D Iliza Shlesinger Jay Mohr tells the best Tracy Morgan story After […]

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The Karaoke Factor

I just finished reading Rob Sheffield‘s ode to karaoke, “Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals Of The Rituals Of Love and Karaoke.  While it is indeed, a love letter to the joy of your (in)ability to “Sing Your Life“, it is also a love letter to connecting with other humans through your love of singing […]

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Music Memoirs

It’s October which means all the autobiographies come out and none more so than rock and roll memoirs. Here are a few that are out now or will be released later this month.   Title: Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith By: Joe Perry What to expect: It’s Aerosmith guitarist’s rebuttal to Steve […]

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Telegraph Avenue

I just finished Michael Chabon’s “Telegraph Avenue”  and I tend to  agree with many reviewers that this Pulitzer Prize winning author likes to flex his writing prose.  This 500 page book probably could have been at least 100 pages shorter.  It was like a body builder showing off, this included a 12 page dissertation on […]

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Free Music Friday

Hey Wake Up! Anyone who’s ever been a kid is probably familiar with author and illustrator Sandra Boynton.  Well she’s now venturing into the world of music producing and she’s off to a fine start with her album “Frog Trouble”.  Some of my favorite artists are on here including Alison Krauss, Dwight Yoakam and Fountains of […]

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Rock n’ Roll Billboards

There is a great coffee table book out right now regarding the Rock and Roll Billboards on the Sunset Strip funnily enough entitled Rock ‘n Roll Billboards.  As a kid, I was fascinated by these enormous hand painted salutes to our Rock and Roll idols and fortunately Robert Landau was also and he took pictures of […]

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