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It was a horrible idea. Founders Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard thought, “Sure it’s 2007, but let’s release our music on cassette” It’s still a horrible idea and I clearly don’t get it but Burger Records was not originally meant for a guy that remembers the heyday of cassettes and owned a Walkman. But now Burger Records has the same influence as SST in the 70s, Sub Pop in the 80s, Merge in the 90s or buying Apple products now. Kids are discovering new artists simply because it’s on the label and they trust the brand. And now thanks to their annual Burgerama Festival business seems to be booming…yes, I’m talking about a record label and a record store base in Orange County.

Burgerama Four


This festival is the 4th annual and the lineup is pretty impressive, featuring many bands not on Burger Records but for which the artists were obviously a huge influence on the development on the label.  It’s nice to hear positive stories in the music industry.

Check out the impressive Bugerama lineup and give a listen to the music below.  Enjoy!




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