Tomorrow starts Breast Cancer Awareness month and I wanted to make you aware of an amazing project emanating from legendary San Francisco radio station KFOG.

Morning DJ Mike “No Name” Nelson’s wife is battling breast cancer.  Their 8 year old son Mike wanted to do something for his mom and came up with the song title.  Mike put a piece of CD-shaped paper into a CD player with the words “Boob Spelled Backwards Is Boob” written on it. No Name asked why he did it and was told by his son that he had a song stuck in his head called “Boob Spelled Backwards Is Boob” and wanted to hear what it sounded like.

This inspired the KFOG morning team to spring into action.  First, they encouraged Mike to write out some lyrics to his song which he completed on January 19.  Throughout the year as artists came to visit the station they were asked to contribute to the song.  Among the participants were guitar parts from Michael Franti, backing vocals from Graham Nash, and vocal parts from Florence Welch and Hozier.

Even normally cranky Noel Gallagher contributed a guitar lick

The single will be released on Thursday, October 1.  Make sure to get it as all proceeds will go to the  Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The finished product!



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