Bitch, I’m Madonna…and that’s sad

Bitch, I'm Madonna

Imagine throwing a party for yourself and everyone was half your age and the only way to get attention was to literally throw your body or crawl on your fours into everyone’s way.

Everyone’s comparing Taylor Swift‘s cameo filled new video to Madonna‘s cameo filled video but while Taylor’s video has people her own age in which she has shared experiences, Madonna’s is filled with people half her age whose experience is remembering her when they were children.  At this point there’s almost no difference between a Madonna party and a Hugh Hefner hosted Playboy mansion party. I believe Chris Rock is the only other 50 year old in Madonna’s video and he’s still nearly 7 years younger than her.   Her kids at the start of the video are closer in age to the vast majority of people in this video.  She’s like the band KISS, heavily made up and still singing about teenage lust.

Madonna is free to follow her muse and say she’s just covering ground 50+ year old men have done for decades but that doesn’t make this video any more satisfying to me.  Madonna is still making good music and lyrically she sometimes writes as an experienced woman of a certain age, but this song and video just rubs me the wrong way.

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