Bernie and Ralph

Bernie Worrell and Ralph Stanley both passed away last week.

Both innovated their respective instruments.

Bernie Worrell did not invent the Moog synthesizer but you might as well credit him from creating a whole genre with Parliament/Funkadelic.  He made the keyboard funky.  Hip-Hop took notice and borrowed liberally from his handy work.  Those keyboards you hear on Dr. Dre’s “Let Me Ride” are sampled from Bernie’s work on “Mothership Connection (Star Child)”.  In fact, according to the website Who SampledMothership Connection has been sampled 54 times.

It’s a good excuse to post classic 1976 Parliament.  Enjoy!


Ralph Stanley wasn’t sampled, his banjo style known as the claw-hammer, or two-finger was imitated but never quite duplicated.  He was called one of the founding fathers of bluegrass but in actuality he sang was classified as the High Lonesome Sound Mountain Sound. Ralph wouldn’t call this music hip-hop but Ralph’s themes of rambling men and trouble and his music, rough and honest could be compared to similarly to tales of the urban streets today.


Bernie Worrell 1944-2016

Bernie Worrell 1944-2016

Ralph Stanley 1927-2016

Ralph Stanley 1927-2016

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