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The good news about Apple Music worldwide radio station is that it’s got people talking about radio and what makes a good music radio station.  Is it just music content? Is it DJs personalities? Is it variety of programming?  I believe Beats 1 is hitting its mark on all three of these traits.

Sure, it’s mostly pop music but I’ve also heard Alabama Shakes, Buena Vista Social Club and an artist named Benjamin Clementine that made me stop in my tracks with a song called “London”

I heard St. Vincent’s show  Mixtape Delivery Service in which she curated an hour’s worth of music based on the personality of an 11 year old music fan.  It was amazing and you can still hear it.

The music is curated for the most part by Zane Lowe a New Zealander formerly of BBC Radio and so far he’s conducted interviews with Eminem and Ed Sheeran.

I understand that Apple has more money than your every  US Public Radio Station combined but still, it’s exciting to listen in and I think that local radio can use these elements and create also create compelling radio.

Hopefully Beats 1 will be able to keep this fresh and we’ll still be talking about this 3 months, 6 months and 10 years from now.  If you are a music fan it’s worth it to exercise your new music muscle and check out at least 15 minutes a day of Beats 1 radio.

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