Bands with similar sounding names

Opening act for Benjamin Booker last week at The Roxy was a band playing Coachella this year from Leeds called Eagulls.  They really knocked me out.  Lead singer George Mitchell sounds like Robert Smith and the band reminds me of the shoe gazer bands of the 90s like the recently reunited Ride.  But the band’s name got me to thinking that there must be no way Don Henley or Glenn Frey are familiar with this band otherwise they would insist they add a UK or Jr. at the end of their name.

There is Apple Computers and The Beatles Apple Corps, there is  Rolling Stone Magazine and The Rolling Stones and I used to work for a music company called DMX (Digital Music Express) which was no relation to the gravely voiced and always incarcerated artist DMX (Dark Man X).  No one seemed to have a problem with these names, although it took until 2007 for the Apples to settle their disputes.

Here are a few bands that have the same issues.

Eagulls-Indie rock band from Leeds


Eagles– Corporate rock band from LA


A$AP Rocky – Hip Hop artist from Harlem. First gained notice in 2011 with Peso  Produces under name Lord Flacko



Aesop Rock – Pronounced the same as A$AP. Hip Hop artist and producer. First gained notice in 1997. He is a member of the groups The Weathermen, Hail Mary Mallon, The Uncluded (with Kimya Dawson)and Two of Every Animal



The Dear Hunter – A progressive rock band originating from Providence, Rhode Island



Deerhunter– Indie rock band hailing from Atlanta Georgia. They have described themselves as ambient punk.

Neither of these bands should be confused with Deer Hoof or Deertick



Action Bronson – Coachella 2015 hip hop star hailing from Queens, NY


Archie Bronson Outfit – Rock band from London


Bryan Adams– Canadian born November 5. Wrote all your favorite karaoke songs from the 80s.



Ryan Adams – Born in North Carolina on November 5 (15 years after Bryan). Once had some serious issue dealing with his audience yelling Bryan Adams songs at his shows. He’s know releasing some of the best music of his career.


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