Bands Back From Hiatus

The list is long of bands that have reunited after a long hiatus.  Here are the ones off the top of my head (with researched dates)

Steely Dan 1980 Gaucho -2000 Two Against Nature


Van Halen with David Lee Roth 1984 1984 – 2012 A Different Kind Of Truth


The Cars 1987 Door To Door – 2011 Move Like This


The Pixies 1991 Trompe Le Monde – 2014 Indie Cindy


Soundgarden 1996 Down On The Upside – 2012 King Animal


The Rolling Stones 1997 Bridges To Babylon -2005 A Bigger Bang


Portishead 1998 Portishead -2008 Third


Results have varied.  Steely Dan won a Best Album Grammy (albeit controversial beating Eminem, Beck and Radiohead) for Two Against Nature.  Portishead’s album sounded like it never lost a step while the other albums, depending on your taste were good to poor.

Which brings me to Sleater-Kinney 2005 The Woods – 2015 No Cities To Love


Despite all three band members (Corrin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss) having several major and minor projects on their slate, they  secretly came together last year and crafted this album. On “Surface Envy” they declare

“I feel so much stronger now that you’re here We’ve got so much to do, let me make that clear”

And togehter these women in their 40s have created a work more passionate than any one of the above mentioned bands made in their 40s.  The music is punk but it’s not angry and it comes from a mature perspective.  They’re not pretending to be anyone but themselves (Carrie Brownstein can pretend to be other people with her work on Portlandia).  It’s thrilling to have them back.  Make sure to see them when they come to town.

Janet Weiss, Carrie Brownstein, Corrin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney

Janet Weiss, Carrie Brownstein, Corrin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney


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