Australian/New Zealand Invasion

Australia and New ZealandFirst off, my apologies if lumping Australia and New Zealand together is offensive.  Perhaps those down under lump the US and Canada together. And although this is not exactly the 70s when the BeeGees, Andy Gibb, Olivia-Newton John and Helen Reddy ruled the charts nor is it the 80s when INXS, Men At Work and Crowded House ruled, but Australian and New Zealand artists are slowly returning to US shores.

Most obvious is New Zealander, Lorde.  Her album Pure Heroine has sold over 1.5 million records to date.  Her song Royals dominated rock and pop charts and the follow up songs, “Team” and “Tennis Court” are also making impressions on the music buying population.  Plus, she’s a great performer as witnessed on the Billboard Music Awards this week.  So much promise for a girl that does not turn 18 until November.

Australian Iggy Azalea first hit in 2012 but thanks to her video for “Fancy” which hit #3 on the charts, she’s starting to blow up.  So much so that she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to interpret her song for those that don’t already know.

Here are a few others that have already or could start to make an impact in the US.

From New Zealand

Broods – A sibling duo Georgia on vocals and multi-instrumentalist Caleb.  Their last name is Nott (not Broods).  They are generating some radio airplay with their song “Bridges”.  This could be big.  The EP is out now with an album to come out in August.

Naked and Famous:  They had a big hit with “Young Blood” in 2011 and are preparing their latest release for later this year.  They tour California in August.

Ginny Blackmore “Bones” has made a slight dent on the Adult Pop charts. Look for “Holding You” to burst through.

From Australia

Courtney Barnett – She has such a unique voice and view of the world that I can’t help thinking she’s going to be around for many years.  I’ll be following her career closely.

Boy & Bear – Two albums in and both reaching the Australian top ten charts. Their song “Southern Sun” is the kind of song that you love playing out on the open road. It could breakthrough and become a great summer indie hit.

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