Artist cameos in Films

Pearl Jam makes a cameo with Matt Dillon in the movie "Singles"

Pearl Jam makes a cameo with Matt Dillon in the movie “Singles”

I stole this idea straight up from Flavorwire (click on the link and watch Peter Sellers in The Road To Hong Kong. You won’t regret it).  The idea is that some of the best moments in film are when an unexpected appearance from someone with a familiar face suddenly shows up on screen (think Alfred Hitchcock).  With the Oscars coming up this weekend, movies are on my mind and since this is a music blog, here are a number of musician cameos.

Lars Ulrich “Get Him To The Greek”

Count Basie in “Blazing Saddles”

Alice Cooper in “Wayne’s World”

Pearl Jam in “Singles”

Jonathan Richman in “There’s Something About Mary”

George Harrison in “Life Of Brian”

Billy Idol “The Wedding Singer”

Bruce Springsteen in “High Fidelity”

David Bowie “Zoolander”

Rihanna in “This Is The End”

Dave Grohl in “The Muppets”

DMX in “Top Five”

Eminem in “Funny People”

Last but not least,  this is Britney Spears, Kenny Rogers, KC of KC and the Sunshine Band and Lance Bass from the 2001 “classic” Longshots

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