Apple Music vs. Spotify Game On!

Based on the initial presentation Apple Music doesn’t sound much different than Spotify.  I did subscribe to Beats Music and the reason was their rate of $14.99 a month for the entire family.  The same subscription rate will be offered for Apple Music and that might encourage me to jump in when it launches on June 30.  But you can understand Daniel Ek’s CEO of Spotify since deleted tweet

Daniel Ek

Spotify currently claims 20 million paying subscribers with 75 million active users.  I have seen reports that Apple is hoping to hit the 100 million paying subscriber mark.

The intriguing factor that might be able to lure subscribers is Beats One Radio.  It’s curated music with live DJs.  It should be interesting, based on the reaction and possible success if they start to create multiple hosted radio stations and create unique content only available on Apple.  If so, Sirius/XM radio might have a bigger reaction than “Oh ok”.  They have the cash, what’s to stop them from hiring Howard Stern away from Sirius/XM?

For now, it’s all hyperbole and speculation.  Most people agree that streaming is currently the future for the music industry.  It’s also seems most likely there will be only one winner in the streaming wars.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next couple years.

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