Amy Winehouse documentary

Amy: The Girl Behind The Name

The brilliance in “Amy“, the upcoming documentary on Amy Winehouse is that it’s more than a documentary film.

It’s a musical and a Shakespearian tragedy all brought to you inside Amy’s lyrics.

Yes, we all know the voice and yes we all know how the story ends but the key factor that makes this documentary work so well is as the story is told, Amy sings the songs we thought we knew so well brought to the forefront through the subtitled lyrics.  This is Amy acting as The Greek Chorus reacting to her life in song.  You read the lyrics, you feel the pain.  Amy’s songs are no longer just amazing R&B pop pieces  but emotionally, gut wrenching works of art.

I felt exhileration and anger and extreme sadness at what might have been while viewing this movie.

I suggest you seek this film out when it hits screens starting on July 3.

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