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Adam SchlesingerSince listening to Adam Schlesinger‘s new music project Fever High, which he produced, I’ve been going down the Adam Schlesinger rabbit hole.

For a guy that makes pop music that always puts a big smile on my face, this guy hardly smiles at all.  Google it and you’ll see how dour he usually is.  I don’t care how he looks as long as he continues to make music in all formats possible.  This guy is  going to an EGOT,  Strangely, he’s only a Grammy nominee for Fountain of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”.  He’s won 2 Emmy’s with Neil Patrick Harris in 2012 for Outstanding Music And Lyrics for their song “It’s Not Just For Gays Anymore”, and the same in 2013 Emmy Award for “If I Had Time” as the closing number of the 66th Tony Awards telecast. He was nominated for his music in “That Thing You Do!” and was nominate for a Tony for “Cry Baby” in 2008.  He’s also co-wrote with former Daily Show writer David Javerbaum, the closing song in Javerbaum’s An Act Of God currently on Broadway.

Here’s another favorite he co-wrote with Javerbaum as well as a few other favorites I’ve been enjoying lately.   Keep doing that thing you do, Adam!

Colbert and Costello

A Colbert Christmas – Elvis Costello/Stephen Colbert Duet from AdamSchlesingerMusic on Vimeo.

Katy Perry covers Fountains of Wayne’s “Hackensack”

Katy Perry Unplugged – Hackensack from AdamSchlesingerMusic on Vimeo.

A song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Settle for Me (feat. Santino Fontana) from AdamSchlesingerMusic on Vimeo.

The Monkees with Adam “Our Own World”

And because it’s summer here’s “The Summer Place” by Fountains Of Wayne

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  1. Patricia says:

    I’ve been deep into Adam Schlesinger’s work for the past month myself. Is there anything the guy can’t play, do or write about? I doubt it. The mold was truly broken after him. I’ve been searching out everything he’s done I can find. His work with FoW is hard to top but I do hope he will decide he can sing lead someday & make a self produced, all instruments album on his own very soon. Let’s hope we haven’t truly seen the last of FoW. Even if he doesn’t smile, the brilliance shines through his eyes. Thanks for the nice write up.

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