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When the Saturday Night Live character, Stefon turns 50, I can imagine him raving about the Saban Theatre.   “Beverly Hills hottest club has everything, (insert Yelp reviews), “classic, old-school movie palace”, ” bartenders that make up their own drink prices” “bathroom on the first floor that only allows one person a a time”That guy from Chicago, That guy from Whitesnake“, Europe singing “The Final Countdown”.

The people at The Saban are definitely filling a niche that people of a certain age want.  This week is no exception as you have the opportunity to see some old pros working their magic.

These shows should actually be mandatory for kids of all ages.

Saturday is one of the last links to old Vegas and he’s still sharp as a tack….Mr. Don Rickles

Wednesday, it’s two Outlaw Cowboys singing about their frailties and lost loves and somehow manage to touch your heart with each nuanced phrasing…Merle Haggard & Kris Kristofferson.

As long as they are still around the good times will not be over.

Here’s to the good times.

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