A Vince Guaraldi Christmas

Tonight, A Charlie Brown Christmas airs.  I think it’s so beloved because of its perfect mix of cynicism and earnestness about the holiday.  Adults and kids can watch the same show and take away different things from it.

The thing that everyone can enjoy together is the soundtrack from The Vince Guaraldi Trio.  Lee Mendelson, producer for the Peanuts special, was traveling in a cab in San Francisco when “Cast Your Fate To The Wind” was played on the radio.

A few calls were made and Vince agreed to record the music.  Two weeks later he played “Linus and Lucy” over the phone to Lee and that was the start of Guaraldi composing scores for seventeen Peanuts television specials, plus the feature film A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

In case you want to read about the entire making of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I suggest you go to this The Washington Post article.  It’s a great read.  And now dance to your hearts content!

Peanuts dance

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