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Time to explore the top 7 of 1987

The Joshua Tree U2 I’m actually disappointed the band decided to look back and tour this album this summer.  That said, in 1987 there was not a finer or more exciting album,  The band’s tour that year is the one where they finally realized they weren’t some college rock band and could expand their reach to the mainstream.

Appetite for Destruction Guns n’ Roses It hasn’t lost it’s impact since the day it was released.  It’s the reason they can play stadiums 30 years later based solely on the music on this album.  Everything that came afterwards paled in comparison.

Sign O’ The Times Prince – Each individual song is brilliant and each song adds a unique element (stylistically, vocally, musically ) to make for a stunning album and the probably the only double CD that should be a double CD.

Please To Meet Me The Replacements Their previous albums were all amazing bratty punk rock with a few earnest songs mixed in.  This was their first ROCK album all the way through and it still rocks.

Faith George Michael His death only makes these songs all the more poignant.  “One More Try” might just be one of the finest vocal performances ever.

Yo! Bum Rush The Show Public Enemy – The first album. This wasn’t a pop/rap like Run DMC and it changed hip hop forever. As Chuck D said, “They were the CNN for the ghetto.” Witout this album leading the way, there would not be an NWA, 2PAC, Biggie or Jay-Z.

Songs About Fucking Big Black. Without Steve Albini showing the way, there wouldn’t be a Nirvana or Nine Inch Nails to show them how to take a perfect pop song and then fuck around with it to make it almost unrecognizable. And these are pop songs. Trust me.


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