7 and 7 is 1977

We continue the top 7 of  each year ending in 7.

1977 was another electric year for new sounds that might not have been top sellers the year they were released but influential for many years to come.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols: The Sgt. Pepper album of 1977.  You will hear its influence for years to come

Television “Marquee Moon” Some…actually most people prefer Steely Dan’s Aja.  I’ll take this every time.

Elvis Costello ‘My Aim Is True” An album title has never been more on target

Talking Heads ’77 The debut album.  The blueprint is set for the next 10 years as the band explores, poly rhythms, world music and challenging lyrics and somehow makes it palatable to a mainstream audience

David Bowie “Low” : I also wanted to include Kraftwerk and Wire on this list but this album combines all the elements of those two bands while putting on Bowie’s unique stamp.  Like all great albums, it slowly reveals itself with each additional listen.

The Damned “Damned Damned Damned” Produced by Nick Lowe it is arguably Nick Lowe’s greatest contribution to pop music and that’s saying something.

Queen “News Of The World” -Overblown and pretentious and everything the above mentioned artists were fighting…you bet! It also rocks and it hit me at a very influential age. I still listen this album from front to back to be reminded that it was okay for a band to know they were fucking rock stars and should make albums that reflected that attitude.

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