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New Music Friday

Garrett Borns aka BØRNS has been playing the festival circuit for a year ever since his first single 10,000 Emerald pools came out last year and he’s garnered quite a following.  Their cover of “Bennie & The Jets has become a staple of their live show. The name of the album is Dopamine.  I found […]

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Get Out

Florence Welch and Janet Jackson take control (pun intended) of LA’s 18,000 seat venues and deliver the goods this weekend. Janet and the Fabulous Forum go way back.  At her peak in 1990 during the Rhythm Nation tour she played 4 shows in April and then came back in August to play 3 more shows. […]

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The Return Of Tower Records

It’s not exactly the return of Tower Records but with the release of Colin Hank’s documentary “All Things Must Pass” this week, there is much reminiscing about what the record chain that shuttered its doors in 2006. It was a moment in time when you had to rely on the staff to educate you on […]

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2 For 2uesday

Courtney Barnett released one of my favorite albums this year so it stands to reason that anything else she releases would be just icing on the cake.  Well this icing is pretty sweet as Courtney is releasing a single on Jack White’s Third Man Records label. Both A and B sides are produced by Jack […]

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Innovators/Imitators The 2016 Rock Hall Nominees

Welcome to the 4th annual Innovators/Imitators Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination post. This method is based on My Morning Jacket’s “Wordless Chorus”. The line goes “We Are The Innovators, They Are The Imitators”. Give the song a listen to start you day off right. With that in mind, I will list all the […]

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New Music Friday

Ben Oberhofer aka Obberhofer creates the kind of music that makes you want to dance in an over-exagerated 80’s pogo style until you realize your actually really engaged in the music and then finally sing along to the song.  “Memory Remains” of the album Chronovision is a perfect example of this phenomenom Obberhofer has on […]

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Get Out

Love comedy but need to see performed in an overcrowded shed instead of an intimate club? Well this is the weekend for you! These shows will be overcrowded because the lineups are just insane with the level of talent performing. Saturday is Tenacious D‘s Festival Supreme.  Relive your 80s and 90s comedy nerdom with sets […]

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John Lennon at 75

George Harrison died from cancer.  He knew it was coming, prepared properly for the inevitable and passed on.  I can accept this departure. A healthy John Lennon was shot at point blank range. He was born on October 9, 1940 which would have made him 75.   I can only imagine the work he might […]

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2 for 2uesday

What songs am I into this week?  Glad you asked. For the most part I try to stay away from stylized electronic music, it reminds me of my past life creating music for shoe stores.  However, French DJ and producer Ludovic Navarre AKA St. Germain has created something special with his take on the sounds from […]

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Music Memoirs coming this Fall

As usual there are so many books and so little time.  Here are three books from female rock and roll pioneers that I hope to read this year. Patti Smith National Book book award winning “Just Kids” transports the reader to NYC in the late 60s and early 70s when Patti Smith and Robert Maplethorpe were […]

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