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New Music Friday

It’s been almost 36 years since Led Zeppelin released their final studio album, In Through The Out Door (August 15, 1979, to be exact).  The bands legend continues to loom large.  That album is also a “what if” album, as in what if drummer John Bonham did not die in 1980.  In Through The Out […]

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Rush is a band.   They are playing The Forum…probably for the final time.  You should go. They are also known to have a deep, distinctly Canadian, sense of humor.  Witness it here. Geddy Lee -Toboggan enthusiast Alex Lifeson – Awkward Actor Neil Peart – Hockey enthusiast So take off, eh! See you Saturday!   […]

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Happy Birthday, Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee turns a very nimble 62 today.  In honor of Geddy’s birthday and the fact that I’m going to see RUSH this week and I am PUMPED, let’s look at some Geddy Lee fun facts. 1) Most people know that Geddy’s real first name is Gary.  His Yiddish-accented grandma always pronounced his name with […]

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2 for 2uesday

A couple songs that are currently on my radar this week. 1) Fort Lean “Easily” Location: Brooklyn Sounds like: The big drums and trippy sounds of  Tame Impala meets The Cold War Kids introverted lyrical introspection 2) Great Peacock “Making Ghosts Location: Nashville, TN Sounds like: Ryan Adams harmonizing along with Griffin Goldsmith from Dawes and sing songs that […]

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KSAN Freak Radio

I finally attended the Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution exhibit at The Skirball and as an extra benefit there was a panel remembering the work of legendary San Francisco free (freak) form radio station KSAN.  At the panel were Raechel Donahue, Ben Fong-Torres, and Bonnie Simmons.  They all recalled fondly the time in the late […]

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New Music Friday

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles, you are hopefully aware of Largo at the Cornonet.  An insanely amount of talented musicians, comedians, actors and film makers have stepped onto the stage to try out new ideas and are free to challenge the audience.  Audiences are respectful and even though they are aware […]

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Get Out

Two amazing FREE shows and unfortunately both on Saturday night. Downtown at Pershing Square is the LA’s own Coolsville girl, Rickie Lee Jones.  Rickie’s got a new album called The Other Side Of Desire.  It’s centers around her new hometown of New Orleans but LA will surely welcome her home with open arms.  Extra incentive […]

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Shana LiVigni

Her son posted the message on her Facebook page but when I read it I thought it was referring to Shana’s mother’s death, surely it couldn’t have been one of my favorite DJs. She was still vital and active and had recently been posting a lot about her upcoming book regarding her career in radio. […]

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2 for 2uesday

Two songs this week that are worth your time. Artist: Lauren Strahm aka Fleurie Based: Nashville Sounds like: The big drum sound from Florence & The Machine mixed with the noirish vocals of Lana Del Rey and electronica.  It’s a recipe that works well when the hook kicks into the middle of the song. Memorable lyric: “If it […]

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Sing Into My Mouth

This is not a review of the Iron and Wine/Ben Bridwell record Sing Into My Mouth.  The album is a covers record and the song selection is as varied as you might expect from these Folk Rock troubadours.  This is a brief introduction into two artists I had previously never knew existed but their songs are covered […]

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