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The Decline Of Western Civilization

As a music fan based in LA I am so thankful that two documentaries exist.  One is The Decline Of Western Civilization and the other is The Decline Of Western Civilization: The Metal Years.  The former is about the punk rock scene in LA in the late 70s and the later follows the hair metal […]

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Best singles of 2015…so far

There was so much good music that sometimes the good ones escape our notice.  Here are ten songs that did not escape my notice and were played repeatedly during the first six months of 2015.   Beck “Dreams” Beck picks up the tempo and I rediscover my love for Beck dance music   Alabama Shakes “Don’t […]

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Free Music Friday

It’s the first weekend of summer so let Best Coast‘s indie beach babe Bethany Cosentino create the perfect mixtape for your summer weekend, courtesy of Spin.  I also recommnend spinning their new album, California Nights.  Enjoy! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe […]

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Get Out

For anyone that’s tried to do an elevator pitch or tried to make a cold call, you have a vague idea as to what it’s like trying to busk.  It’s not easy but like everything the more you do it, the easier it gets and there’s no one that does it better than Ed Sheeran. […]

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Taylor Swift The Closer

Just call Taylor Swift Kyra Sedgwick because she played The Closer to a T. Taylor Swift’s Tumbr post entitled “To Apple, Love Taylor” laid out the rules that Apple was playing by for their upcoming launch of their streaming Apple Music service.  The rules were basically we’re treating our customers to three months of free music […]

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New Music Tuesday

Bro-country is such a big thing that in now has it’s own Wikipedia page.  But there is hope for those that are growing weary of songs about taking your girl with the cut-off jeans on a Friday night to the creek on your flat-bed truck with guns, tobacco and God by your side. The good news […]

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Bitch, I’m Madonna…and that’s sad

Imagine throwing a party for yourself and everyone was half your age and the only way to get attention was to literally throw your body or crawl on your fours into everyone’s way. Everyone’s comparing Taylor Swift‘s cameo filled new video to Madonna‘s cameo filled video but while Taylor’s video has people her own age […]

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Father’s Day Playlist

Jackie Greene is expecting a brand new album in August called Back To Birth and the timing is perfect in the week leading up to Father’s Day as the website PopMatters premiered a new tune from Jackie. “This is a song I wrote for my dad as a Father’s Day gift some years back before he passed away,” says […]

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Get Out

Father’s Day weekend and you’ve already spent all your money on The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers SuperDeluxe Box Set or you signed him up for the bacon of the month club or whiskey of the month club or perhaps you got him one of these worst smelling colognes. It’s also the official start of summer so if you’re […]

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Rock and Country

The old joke used to be the guy saying he only liked two types of music, Country and Western. Now “Western” has been replaced by “Rock” If you are in your 40s and can’t relate to Alternative or Pop music there is a very good chance you have gravitated towards Country music.    The hits […]

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