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Ben Lee Mixtape

Ben Lee has made a mixtape, produced by Squeak E Clean, featuring a whole new album of never-before-heard songs he has written, performed with artists such as Zooey Deschanel, Ben Folds, Azure Ray, Sean Lennon, Luke Steele, Angie Hart, Neil Finn and others. The MIXTAPE recordings are available on a “donate what you want” basis, beginning […]

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Get Out

March is approaching which means many of your favorite local bands are loading up the van in anticipation for the drive to Austin for SXSW.  King Tuff are doing it up right by throwing their own SXSW party in LA.  As the banner says, there will be music, beer and live art which apparently adds […]

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George Harrison Tree gets a second life

  As George once sang “All Things Must Pass’.  The George Harrison Tree lived ten years in Griffith Park before being devoured by (as everyone has noted)  ironically, beetles. The good news is that on what would have been George’s 72 birthday, there will be another tree planted “in memory of a great humanitarian who […]

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New Music Tuesday

New Music. It’s great (sometimes) and I’m very happy (sometimes) that there is an amazing assortment of new sounds to hear on a consistent basis.  But sometimes it’s so nice to hear the tried and true.  You can go back to an old album and just sigh and scream “YES!’ This is what I want […]

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Starbucks gives up on CDs

After 20 years Starbucks is getting out of the compact disc market.   CDs at Starbucks were like at the impulse buy section at the checkout area of the supermarket but instead of a pack of gum, some Skittles and a magazine with a Kardashian on the cover, you bought the latest album from Taylor […]

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Artist cameos in Films

I stole this idea straight up from Flavorwire (click on the link and watch Peter Sellers in The Road To Hong Kong. You won’t regret it).  The idea is that some of the best moments in film are when an unexpected appearance from someone with a familiar face suddenly shows up on screen (think Alfred Hitchcock).  With […]

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Actors and singing

  All actors think they can sing or perform on a musical stage but it’s not that easy, just ask Rob Lowe. Here is proof how hard it is as the five men nominated in the Best Leading Actor category try and do their best with what they’ve got. Steve Carell with assistance from Paul Rudd […]

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Original Song Nominations

Like most award shows, you only know the main characters  so here are a few fun facts about each of the songwriters up for an Oscar in the Original Song category.  Pick your favorite. NOMINEES SELMA “Glory” from Selma; Music and Lyric by John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn   Fun Facts: John Stephens is better […]

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New Music Tuesday

Marika Hackman “We Slept At Last”  The debut album from English Folk artist.  I’ve played this song “Animal Fear” a number of times and I love this tale of victim and revenge “Even now as we are standing her. I can see the doubt in our eyes. I can smell the animal fear” Pretty tough words […]

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President’s Day

Let’s look back over the past 50+ years and provide you with some awkward moments of The POTUS and their association with music. May 19, 1962, In honor of his 45th birthday, Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday” to President John Kennedy at  Madison Square Garden in New York. Quips the President, “I can now retire from politics […]

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