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Get Out

  October 8, 1982 REO Speedwagon played the Forum.   They also played The Forum in 1985.  Friday, they’re playing at The Greek Theatre with Chicago.  Chicago played at the Forum in 1969, 1971, 1972 and 1985. Friday, August 1-2, Arcade Fire is playing The Forum.  Perhaps in the summer of 2046, there might still be […]

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Paul’s Boutique is 25

Perhaps the greatest hip hop album of all time, The Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique” was released 25 years ago on July 25, 1989. It’s like the listening to the history of rock and roll music reinterpreted and crammed into the 53 minute length of the album.  Legally, an album like this could not be created […]

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New Music Tuesday

Tom Petty’s not reinventing the wheel but he does hold the secret to longevity in rock and roll.  The cool thing about Petty is that he is still a vital artist.  Much like Springsteen and Dylan and unlike the Rolling Stones, music that he created from the previous album will not be discarded when he […]

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Purple Rain is Thirty

The July 21, 1984 Billboard contains an ad from Warner Bros. Records congratulating Prince on “When Doves Cry“.  It was the fastest selling single in Warner Bros. history.  The bottom of the ad says, “The Rain Has Just Begun“….they had no idea how prescient that statement was.    The movie grossed $68 million which might not sound […]

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Free Music Friday

Hit the summer trails and take the Blue Ridge Outdoors Trail Mix with you.  Just click on the trail of trail mix below and download these slices of Americana from the likes of Tom Freund,  NRBQ and Zoe Muth.  Enjoy! Blue Ridge Trail Mix July 2014 Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share […]

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Get Out

Don’t Knock The Rock film fest continues this Thursday with two must see documentaries.  The Case Of the Three Sided Dream tells the story of Rahsaan Roland Kirk a blind jazz musician whose unique style has influenced artists from The Animals to Sonic Youth to Radiohead. “You simply hold your guitar and you turn it up […]

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Comic theme songs 1960s edition

It’s Comic-Con this weekend!  All nerds (and I use this term affectionately as I consider myself a music nerd) converge down to San Diego and revel in the minutiae of everything having to do with anything Kevin Smith or J.J Abrams have ever talked about or touched. In honor of this magic weekend, I present some […]

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New Music Tuesday

The music business seems to ramp up during the opposite times of the movie business.  First and Third quarters of the year go to music and the movies own the Summer and Winter.  But even though this is an extremely slow time for new music, it’s a good time to discover something new.  Here’s who […]

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Weird Al Originals

  Everyone thinks that Weird Al just parodies songs but the truth is he always puts out a number of original songs that sound similar to other artists.  The songs balance the line between clever and stupid.  And even though Weird Al dares to be stupid, here are a five of my favorite Weird Al original songs that […]

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Free Music Friday

Discover Flume who screams for his “hip shaking mama” or Sylvan Esso who want you to just “get up, get down” while Kan Wakan just wants you to do, what i want to do”.  It might sound confusing, but it makes for a nice music sampler and it’s for free!  Download by clicking on the […]

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