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Free Music Friday

It’s hard for new bands starting out to get exposure so I’m going to do my small part and now you do yours but giving them a listen.  Here are ten worthy artists that came across my desk that impressed me and have potential.  Click on their name to learn more and get to their websites. Starar Miner […]

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Get Out

This is the weekend to check out the ladies.  Chick a wah wah!  No matter the sex these are amazingly talented artists and they can all be found this weekend at either the El Rey or The Shrine Let’s go all the way back to 1997 when a trio of women collectively named Luscious Jackson […]

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Kenny Kerner

Any KISS fan that came of age in the mid 70’s would know the name Kenny Kerner.   Kenny and  Ritchie Wise produced the debut album from the band and like everyone at the time we wanted to absorb every little nugget of detail from this strange band in kabuki makeup.  Kenny was the same way when […]

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New Music Tuesday

I guess after 45 years Neil Young is allowed his indulgences.  His new album was recorded at Jack White’s Third Man Records 1940s phone-booth-size studio.  It’s like a photo booth except it immediately transfers your recordings to vinyl.    Neil played some of his favorite songs acoustically.  It’s an extremely low-fi effort.  Weird for a guy […]

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Soldiers and Guitars

They’ve done so much for our country and have secured our freedom and some have given the ultimate sacrifice on the field of battle so we can live our lives as we choose and I can continue to do this silly blog.  I know our servicemen can do so much so I knew that when […]

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Free Music Friday

What’s a Memorial Weekend without hiking somewhere.  Whether it’s up in the mountains or from the parking lot to the beach, you’re all going to need a mixtape for the trek.  Fortunately, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine has their monthly Trail Mix to help you slog through the enormous distances you will be walking this weekend.  Click […]

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Get Out

It’s Memorial Weekend.  This is the time to remember our fallen heroes.  Apparently it’s also the time to remember our Classic rockers. Here are a few opportunities to stand up and salute these ageless wonders. You can see Jefferson Starship, Marshall Tucker Band, Joan Osborne, Suzanne Vega Here though are my two picks for Saturday […]

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Australian/New Zealand Invasion

First off, my apologies if lumping Australia and New Zealand together is offensive.  Perhaps those down under lump the US and Canada together. And although this is not exactly the 70s when the BeeGees, Andy Gibb, Olivia-Newton John and Helen Reddy ruled the charts nor is it the 80s when INXS, Men At Work and […]

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New Music Tuesday

The Roots have become such an entity on The Tonight Show that you can sometimes forgot that they are still a relevant band.  Their new album will not disappoint fans of the band as the continually stretch the boundaries of what a hip hop band sounds like in 2014  Come to think of it, I […]

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Musicians and coffee

We aren’t surprised when we see that musicians brand themselves with alcohol.  ZZ Top and Sammy Hagar have Tequilla.  Jay-Z has his cognac and of course Willie Nelson has his Whiskey River to name but a few. The new go-to product for musicians now seems to be coffee. St. Vincent is a big coffee fan. […]

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