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Free Music Friday

Hey what’s next?  I don’t know but apparently Paste Magazine is giving it a shot by letting you give these nine new artists a listen. You’re adventures so go ahead and download the music and impress your friends when they think your just making up the name Bosnian Rainbows. Fans of The Mars Volta should […]

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Get Out

Normally I’d be on my way to The Strawberry Music Festival but due to the horrific fires going on, the festival has been postponed/canceled. So this weekend I’m recommending you stay indoors.  Nothing bad can happen when you’re inside a dark enclosure, right? Four great words for you, Don’t Knock The Rock.  Yes, from Friday […]

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I Have A Dream

  It was a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. 50 years ago on August 28, 1963.  It started to turn the tide toward equality for all.  And while equality for all is still a work in progress, here are ten songs that were/are  inspired by the speech and the man. Bookmark on Delicious Digg […]

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New Music Tuesday

Rarities, Collectibles and non-LP tracks are sometimes a nice buffer between real projects for an artist.  For the hardcore fan it’s fun to sometimes lift the curtain to hear a different arrangement of a familiar song or hear something that just didn’t make the cut.  It’s the equivalent of the extras on your Blu Ray/DVD […]

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Music Videos

As usual the MTV Video Music Awards were a hot mess (save Justin Timberlake’s amazing 15 minute performance).  I guess every former child star now needs to show that they are no longer a child star and should be taken seriously because they can now simulate sex moves. In any event, there are some decent […]

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Free Music Friday

Another winning Trail Mix from the folks at Blue Ridge  Outdoors magazine. Click on the photo of the Tedeschi Trucks Band and enjoy! Tedeschi Trucks Band – Part of Me Alice Gerrard – Tell Me Their Story Burning River Ramblers – Coyote Cale Tyson – Long Gone Girl Darden Smith – Seven Wonders Deadfields – […]

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Get Out!

It’s near the end of summer so head on on to the cemetery for some good times…seriously. Friday afternoon is the 86th annual Rudolph Valentino memorial. Every year on the anniversary of his death, an anonymous “Lady in Black,” veiled and carrying a red rose, has visited Hollywood Forever Cemetery to mourn at his tomb. 86 […]

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600th post

Let’s not get carried away but this is my 600th post.  In honor of the occasion I present how cool songs would sound if some of them were .600 slower or faster. Enjoy Dolly Parton is suddenly a male indie artist slowed down. Bruce Springsteen is suddenly Dolly Parton when sped up. And The Chipmunks […]

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New Music Tuesday

It’s a good day for the blues as the royal couple of the blues Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks aka Tedeschi Trucks band release their latest album, Made Up My Mind.  Expect to hear more wailing from the vocals of Tedeschi and the guitar from Trucks like from this song “Part Of Me”. “Part Of […]

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Leaving Home Playlist

This week we load up the family truckster and take my freshman daughter to college.  Just typing that sentence elicited a giant sigh from me.  It’s very hard to believe but she’s turning a chapter in her life and now has her old bedroom in the rear view mirror. Here’s few songs we may play […]

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