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New Music Tuesday

You’ve heard the term Blue-Eyed Soul passed of making hard music more palatable to the public. It’s been around since the days of The Righteous Brothers to Hall and Oates to Justin Timberlake.   Music is more diverse than ever and there will continue to be those artists to try and smooth those rough edges. […]

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Album Trailers

Traditionally the Fall season for the music industry is like the Summer season for the movies when all the blockbusters come out.  I had never really taken notice of this trend before, but bands (or labels) are now releasing album trailers.   They’re filmed just like movie trailers except without the baritone voice guy letting us […]

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1984 Olympic Games Soundtrack

The 2012 Olympic Games begin tonight but let’s look back to 1984.  Judging from these songs the soundtracks to “Flashdance” and “Fame” had a HUGE impact on the sound.  Get ready to feel inspired! And in case you want to know what would be on the 2012 edition of The Olympic Games, here is the […]

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Weekend In LA

An interesting documentary comes out this weekend called, “Searching For Sugarman“, which details the life of a singer-songwriter named Rodriguez.  According to some reviews I’ve seen he recorded a virtually unheard masterpiece in 1970 called Cold Fact.  According to the bio: “When 1971’s Coming from Reality met a similar fate as its predecessor, the artist left the music […]

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Response songs

I know I’m getting older because 1)I still subscribe to the LA Times and 2) I love reading the obituaries. Last week after “The Queen of Country Music” Kitty Wells passing ,I learned about her first hit song in 1952 “It Wasn’t God That Made Honky Tonk Angels”.  It turns out this song was directly […]

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New Music Tuesday

The 2012 summertime jam album of the year candidate is coming out today.  Combine the 70s harmonies with Abba with early 80s Madonna dance and the electronic pop of Phoenix and you have a partial idea of what you have in store for you with the new album from Passion Pit entitled Gossamer.    The […]

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Safety Concerns at Public Venues

I don’t even know why I’m writing on this topic because I don’t have any answers but like most people right now I’m thinking about the horrific events at the screening last week of the new Batman film. All I know is that when I go to an event,  I don’t even want to be […]

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Free Music Friday

Spin Magazine gives you an 8 track sampler from iTunes to enjoy from artists like Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros to Zola Jesus.   Click on the photo of the band Metric to get the music. If you’re interested in everything NPR Music is digging right now you can click on the photo of […]

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Weekend In LA

Perhaps one of my favorite singing in the car scenes comes courtesy of Tommy Boy Tommy boy   You can see it this Saturday in NoHo (that’s North Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley) as it’s the featured movie for Eat.See.Hear.  Click on the photo of Tommy Boy giving his brother a hug to get […]

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Death Of The Album

The album still means a lot to me.   But the ability of the full-length album to infiltrate the entire nation have practically ended.   I still hold on to the hope for another “Born In The USA” or “Rumors” but except for the occasional album like “21” where seemingly the entire nation is aware of […]

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