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It was announced last week that Bob Dylan will receive the Medal of Freedom.  This award goes to those that have “made a lasting contribution to the life of our nation”.  And while there’s clearly no doubt that Bob Dylan should be honored, I’m wondering if Bob has had enough of the honors.  I can […]

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Free Music Friday

The Nashville Film Festival is going on and here is your opportunity to get a mixtape of artists playing the festival and/or the films in the festival courtesy of NoiseTrade Here is another artist courtesy of NoiseTrade that might be worth your attention. The name is Fort Atlantic.  I like it, you might.  It caught […]

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Transmission LA

Some great things are happening at the MOCA and it’s all surrounding Mike D. of the Beastie Boys currently curating Transmission LA: AV Club. “The 17-day festival will illustrate how audio and visual art forms complement and influence each other, through various exhibitions, concerts, DJ nights, performances, and installations,. The event’s logo embodies Mike D’s […]

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Music Documentaries

There are a number of fascinating documentaries that are out now and worth seeking your attention.   Marley follows the career and all too brief life of Bob Marley whose music continues to be played in college dorm rooms across the land.   That is only a slight joke as Bob Marley is one of those […]

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New Music Tuesday

Jack White has been called the Willie Wonka of Rock and Roll and for good reason.   Here are a few of the crazy products and promotions he’s come up with for his Third Man Record label. For Third Man Records, 3rd anniversary he released an album that plays at 3RPM much to the frustration […]

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Woke Up This Morning

It’s something we all did today (hopefully).  It’s also inspiration to get a song started.  If you’re an optimist “Love woke me up this morning” (Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell)  If you’re a blues singer you “Woke up this morning and your baby was gone” (B.B. King)  or  “you got yourself a gun” (Alabama 3).  If […]

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Free Music Friday

Another week of Coachella so let’s go all the way back to 2004 when The Pixies got back together.  To mark the occasion the band is letting you download a four song set from that performance.   Get it here: In 2003, Gomez played Coachella and while you can’t officially download that show, the band […]

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Record Store Day and Earth Day

What a great weekend to get outside to a record store, head back home listen to your records and then head back outside the next day to celebrate Earth Day. Record nerds unite!  April 21 is Record Store Day.  Get in line now to your nearest indie record store and pick up a piece of vinyl […]

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The Power Of Music

In case you have not viewed the video “Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era“, I suggest you carve out the 6 1/2 minutes to view it. This video is document of the Music & Memory project that donates iPods to nursing homes and raises awareness about music as a […]

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New Music Tuesday

A grizzled veteran and a comeback from a debilitating illness just show that you can’t keep the good artists down. Loudon Wainwright III has always been brutally honest in his songs and his new one offers more of the same entitled “Older Than My Old Man Now” which focuses on the rock and roll topics […]

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