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Inspired By

The Beatles were inspired by The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” so I had to give it my full attention. R.E.M. was inspired by Patti Smith’s “Horses” Nirvana celebrated The Meat Puppets “II”. This past week at the Hollywood Bowl I discovered a new album thanks to Beck’s devotion to it.  Beck’s 2002 album “Sea Change” […]

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New Music Tuesday

The old timers keep coming out with new records which I guess is very encouraging. These are relevant artists because they still speak to their audience through their song craft. First off, is the new one from John Doe of X and Knitters fame.   Once again John visits dark and lonely places.  To get an […]

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As David St. Hubbins once famously said, “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever“. 1)Treat me like a fool Treat me mean and cruel But love me Wring my faithful heart Tear it all apart But love me 2) Found a cure, oh, try it It’s by far better than any kind of medicine […]

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Free Music Friday

The one advantage to a digital world is music magazines now offer up free music to enjoy. Spin Magazine always offers up interesting artists and this month is no exception.  I recommend giving Marissa Nadler and her  sensual “Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning” a listen as well as the pop sounds of […]

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Weekend in LA

Well I guess I have to re-do today’s entry as I can no longer recommend the Sunset Junction.  What started out as a small get together in 1980 for families in the Silver Lake area has expanded into a two-day music festival and party.  But with that comes costs, $142,000 to be exact in unpaid […]

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Music docs

Two music film documentaries are starting to make the rounds.  The first one is out now and playing on Showtime Talihina Sky: The Story Of Kings Of Leon.  This tells the fascinating story of how three brothers and a cousin transformed from speaking in tongues with a Pentecostal minister for a father into a booze hungry, drug […]

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Muppet Music

There’s only one record to worth your attention this week.   OK  Go does the theme song and the video debuts today.  The Fray does “Mahna, Mahna”, My Morning Jacket, Weezer and Andrew Bird also put their fingerprints on other Muppet classics. I anticipate awesomness.  The movie comes out in November and  I’m hoping the movie is […]

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Those crazy Gallagher brothers are at it again.  Even though Oasis broke up in 2009 and they are in separate bands, Liam still wants the world to know that he did not have a hangover in 2009 which prevented him from performing. He had laryngitis and now he is suing his brother Noel  not for […]

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Google has started their own music blog called Magnifier and it looks to be a great source to sample some new music and videos.   Currently they are showcasing a live track from My Morning Jacket as well a typically trippy interview with frontman Jim James.  Getting the music is simple you just click on […]

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Weekend in LA

Let’s go to the movies this weekend. The Don’t Knock The Rock Film Series continues with four really fascinating music documentaries. Thursdays double feature presents Wheedle’s Groove about the late 60’s Soul Music scene in Seattle and The Jim Sullivan Story tells the tale of the folk singer and his mysterious disappearance in New Mexico […]

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