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Rolling in the Deep

You know a song is “of the moment” when every type of artist finds itself attracted to it and desires to reinterpret the song.  I can’t think of another time in the past 20 years where so many artists are earnestly paying homage to a song. Pick a version Rock Linkin Park ,  R&B John Legend, Electronic Mike Posner or […]

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Weekend In LA

It’s the end of July so surely you must be going to the beach sometime this weekend, right? Here’s a few excuses to get out and enjoy. “Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day” or so you’ll be thinking as you enjoy the Jamaican rock and roll sounds of The Slackers and ska  from Starpool Thursday […]

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Alex Steinweiss

The name Alex Steinweiss might not be familiar but without him we might never have grasped the concept of how beautiful an album cover could be.  Albums used to all come in plain, brown paper bags.  The genius of Alex Steinweiss is that he realized the potential of putting something visual on the outside sleeve. […]

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Joss Stone

Joss Stone first grabbed our attention when she was a 16 year old kid with the voice of a 45 year old blues woman with her version of A White Stripes song.  While there is no denying her voice and she avoids the showcasing of a Christina Aguilera I’ve yet to hear her get to the […]

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Amy Winehouse

I got introduced to the amazing talent of Amy Winehouse at the 2007 SXSW Convention.  It was just her, her guitarist and that voice! What a voice!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so knocked out by a debut performance.  You can see her perform two of those songs at that showcase right here.  She […]

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Music Friday

Sometimes music is free but sometime it’s good to give back.  Here are two worthwhile charities.  One, links you to a Free music playlist.  I’m sure Joe Strummer would like it that way. Strummerville is a registered charity that gives support to aspiring musicians and help to projects that help change the world through music. […]

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Weekend in LA

Here’s a couple of things to entertain you this weekend. “What I Like About You“, Talking In Your Sleep, “One In A Million“. If you recognize those songs, you know they belong to The Romantics.  They had three top 40 songs in the 80’s and then disappeared into pop history oblivion only to resurface this […]

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Hank Williams

I just finished reading a biography “Love Sick Blues”  by Paul Hemphill about the original Rock  Star, Hank Williams. Hank had it all.  Overbearing Mother, check.  Sick, non-existed Dad, check.  No talent (think Lucy “Why Can’t I Be in the Show” Ricardo), domineering wife, check.  A talented collaborator that almost didn’t recognize the genius of […]

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New Music Tuesday

Here’s what we got for you today. First off, is English singer-songwriter Fink.  Fink is the stage name for Finian Greenhall who actually made a name for himself with electronic music spinning records before embarking on the singer-songwriter path.  He’s made the most of his transition.  Fink’s introspective voice reflects well with his songwriting and […]

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It arrived in my email box Friday afternoon.  An invitation to try out Spotify.  In case you are not yet familiar with the name, Spotify is a music subscription service.   What sets it apart first off,  is that it is FREE to use.  Of course,  that means your music will be interrupted by advertisements. […]

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