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Weekend In LA

It’s America’s 235 birthday so let’s celebrate with some blue-eyed soul! There’s only one place to be this weekend so I’m only recommending one thing . The place to be this weekend on July 2, 3 and 4th is at the Hollywood Bowl to see Hall and Oates.  They’ll be performing with the Hollywood Bowl […]

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Music Magazines

Yesterday I received an email from Paste Magazine that after about a year after ceasing production as a print magazine they have transformed themselves into what they are calling an mPlayer.  I like Paste Magazine and its tagline of “Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture”.  They cover music, films and books I may be […]

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New Music Tuesday

I guess this is the week I blog about the powerful female singer.  Two noteworthy albums come out today from a couple of the most honest vocalists out there…and no, I’m not talking about Beyonce or Selena. I’m talking about Dolly and Gillian Welch (Kind of hard to believe that Gillian is the only artist in this […]

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As I was watching my daughter’s dance recital and yet another of this artist’s songs were played (4 in total), I realized that we are in a unique time for pop music.  This is like Aretha Franklin in 1967, Carole King in 1971 or Alanis Morissette in 1995 where a single woman has captured the […]

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Weekend in LA

It’s the first weekend of the Summer and what a better time than now to spend it under the stars. On Saturday, you can head on over to the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre and see the world premiere of The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman written, directed and musical performance by the legendary LA band Sparks. “For this […]

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Every band wants to create that epic rock song yet few are able to accomplish this feat.  It’s the song that identifies you, the one every one wants to hear last before you scream “Good Night!”  I think fans ironically scream “Free Bird“at shows because the band they are watching does not have that IT […]

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I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought of the discovery of music as a solo venture.  I heard music on the radio or read about it or took a chance on something just because the cover looked cool when I was at the record store.  It was only at school or concerts that […]

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New Music Tuesday

Happy Summer! There are a few new releases to get excited about this week. The first is the self -titled album from Bon Iver.  Bon Iver aka Justin Vernon released a brilliant album in 2008, For Emma, Forever Ago.  Last year, this soft-spoken singer from Wisconsin performed on Kanye West’s album and even sang at […]

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The Big Man

“The King of The World”…The Master Of Disaster”.  That was my first introduction to Clarence (Big Man) Clemons.  Watching the interplay between Bruce Springsteen and Clarence during the Rosalita video was quite a revelation.  Never had a music performance  seemed so thrilling.    Those seven minutes and 36 seconds completely altered the way a young […]

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Father’s Day Mixtape

So the recession is hitting you hard this year and you don’t have anything for dear ol’ Dad?  Well fear not, here is an hours worth of father-themed music, some obvious, some not so much, some looking from the father’s perspective, some from the child’s. All are classic songs are just a right-click away.  Maybe […]

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