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I guess it happens.  I got in a car accident yesterday.  As I was taking my walk of shame carrying everything from my car in my canvas bags I had three songs in my head.  I’m sure a psychologist could tell me why but they were all from 1988-1989, when I was still in college […]

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Free Music Friday

While everyone seems to go to iTunes to get their digital music, I seem to gravitate towards Amazon.  I’ve really become a fan of their MP3 Daily Deal where they offer up a different record every day for $3.99 or less.   Today’s offer is The 99 Most Essential Flute Masterpieces for $1.99 so I think I’m going […]

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Weekend in LA

If you know anything about me, you know I love music, movies and food (especially when it comes out of a truck).  You can find it all this Saturday at the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest. They will be screening There’s Something About Mary.  Here’s Jonathan Richman singing the theme song If you love the beach […]

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The Record Album

While the music industry saw CDs as their savior in the 80’s as everyone rushed to upgrade their collections, their friend the CD eventually turned to the dark side.  Artists suddenly felt that they had  to put 70 minutes of music on each disc.  Every note of music suddenly had to be heard forgetting that […]

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Happy 70th to Bob Dylan

As a teenager in the 80’s Bob Dylan did not matter to me.  He was preaching about the Lord, he was releasing crappy albums and he was rapping on the opening of a Kurtis Blow song.  As a kid, I was so not interested and was frankly baffled by the praise lavished on him. What eventually drew […]

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Good weekend/Bad weekend

First off,  Having a bad weekend I guess, is Harold Camping,  head of Family Radio.  The Rapture is over with for now.  People have been predicting the end of the World since the beginning of the World so on to 2012.  For some reason, my money will always be on Science for these predictions. Having […]

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Free Music Friday

Yay Friday!  The first thing I have for you is something called THE VERY BEST- SUPER MOM MIXTAPE!  You can’t go wrong with that.  Great world music beats mashed up with a number of familiar pop songs.  You’ll have to submit your email address to get it, but I think it’s worth it.  Click here. Bon […]

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Weekend in LA

I’ve got a couple of things to recommend this weekend. First, is the Silver Lake Jubilee on Saturday and Sunday. It bills itself as a fun, family, art, music, theatre, comedy, literature and earth-lovin’ festival.  I love all those things!  It’s a great opportunity to see some local artists and it’s cheap too. $5 at the gate. […]

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Music and Games

I think combining music and a game will always be a fad, just ask the makers of Guitar Hero, but it can also add up to a quick cash grab.  I think the makers of Farmville will reap immense rewards with the introduction of: That reads GagaVille (not  SasaVille which is how I originally read […]

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New Music Tuesday

I use the term “new music” loosely this week as a couple of artists are re-releasing music that you probably already own. When I say own, I mean you have the vinyl or you used to because you upgraded to the  CD 21 years ago in 1990 but you’ve moved a few times and you […]

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