2011 Favorite Music Videos

All my favorites this year involved the love of the dance.

Robyn “Call Your Boyfriend”- Flashdance era dance sequence with Robyn’s own unique choreography.  Any video that can inspire a loving re-creation from SNL member, Taran Kilam is okay by me.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Robyn "Call Your Girlfriend" video

tUnE-yArDs-“Bizness” – Grade school rebellion kind of like “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2” but with brighter colors and interpreted through the art of the dance

Let's Not Get Carried Away Tune-Yards "Bizness" video

Radiohead “Lotus Flower” – Is Thom Yorke for real?  Yes, he is,  and that just make it more mesmerizing and also ripe for many parodies.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Radiohead "Lotus Flower"

The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” – Is this guy for real?  Yes, a real guy dancing to real rock and roll. Love it!

Let's Not Get Carried Away Black Keys "Lonely Boy"

Arcade Fire “Sprawl II” – The future of video; interactivity!  A dance activated video in which you direct the pace of the zombie-like characters.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Arcade Fire "Sprawl II"

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