2011 Favorite Albums

This list changes every day but these albums seemed to stay on whenever I made a change.  So here they are in no particular order…except for the first one.

Any one who reads my blog or listens to the radio or watches tv or is ever on the internet and consumes pop culture should not be surprised by this pick.  The scary thing is she’s just getting started.  In 2012, Adele will be collecting many, many music awards and when her voice has fully recovered from her she’ll start touring again.  It will be another great year for her….but I can’t wait to hear 25 in 2015

Let's Not Get Carried Away Adele 21

Ryan took a break from making music in 2009 to get married and he now he seems focused and it is reflected in one of his strongest efforts in a long time.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire

The album opener “Art of Almost” almost sounds like Jeff Tweedy fronting Radiohead and it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard from the band.  This band takes chances and the music is exhilarating.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Wilco The Whole Love

I seem to gravitate to the mellow indie artist so it’s such a great kick for me to hear a true rock record.  Carrie Brownstein is on of the best rock guitarists out there and to hear Janet Weiss bang it out on drums is a thrill.  Add Mary Timony on vocals and you’ve got one of 2011’s best efforts from a truly original rock band.  I hope they stick together for a long time

Wild Flag

Winner of the England’s Mercury Prize for best album.  PJ Harvey takes on the subject of war both past and present.  Her unique take both lyrically and musically (when was the last time you heard a bugle in a rock song) constantly surprises and engages me.

Let's Not Get Carried Away PJ Harvey Let England Shake


Well the Grammys have caught up with Bon Iver nominating him for a number of awards including Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album.  His quiet introspection draws you in and asks for repeated listens.  It gets better every time I hear it.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Bon Iver

Florence + The Machine’s music is like no other.  Her powerful vocals and those driving drums make me want to jump on my mighty stead, grab my sword and start slaying The Huns…but that could just be me.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Florence + the Machine Ceremonials

I’m surprised how often I returned to this record but I love those quiet-loud-quiet moments the band brings to their music.  Keep your eye on this band.

Let's Not Get Carried Away Wye Oak Civilian

The master bohemian returns with an album of  gravelly love songs.  Who could ask for anything more?  Welcome back!

Let's Not Get Carried Away Tom Waits Bad As Me

I love country music but I hate modern county, unless it’s done right. Country music doesn’t have to be sentimental, sappy music.   It can be trashy and filled with regrets.  I’m so glad Pistol Annies are around to drive that point home

Let Not Get Carried Away Pistol Annies Hell On Heels

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