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Lollapalooza celebrating its 20th year in existence reminded me of what my Dad used to ask when I was listening to my crazy music, “Are they going to be around in 20 years?”  But I don’t think he understood that much of pop music is of the moment, to be enjoyed for a few months and then to move on to the next thing.  However I remember wondering the same thing when I saw the 20th anniversary of The Monkees.  Who would I pay to see 20 years after they first hit.   I’ve played this game ever since.  So without further adieu.  Here are the top 10 songs from 1991.  Who would you pay to see?

1. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You, Bryan Adams
2. I Wanna Sex You Up, Color Me Badd
3. Gonna Make You Sweat, C+C Music Factory
4. Rush, Rush, Paula Abdul
5. One More Try, Timmy T
6. Unbelievable, EMF
7. More Than Words, Extreme
8. I Like the Way (The Kissing Game), Hi-Five
9. The First Time, Surface
10. Baby, Baby, Amy Grant

That is totally depressing.

Well let’s look at the top 10 at this moment in time.  Who do you think would still interest you in twenty years time?

1) Katy Perry “Last Friday Night

2) LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem

3) Pitbull “Give Me Everything

4)  Niki Minaj “Super Bass

5) Britney Spears “I Wanna Go

6) One Republic “Good Life

7) Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory

8 ) Hot Chelle Rae “Tonight Tonight

9) Adele “Rolling In The Deep

10) Lil Wayne “How To Love

Well at least this list if more interesting than 1991.  I think we’ll be still be paying top dollar for Adele (maybe even Lady Gaga).  We’ll probably be visiting Britney during her run at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and I’m betting we’ll be going to the movies to cheer on Katy Perry in her latest romantic comedy. I’m also thinking Extreme added a member and morphed into One Republic.


To make me feel a little better, here is the lineup from the 1991 inaugural Lollapalooza.

Much better!  I would still see a number of these acts to this day.  Plus, 1991 was the year punk broke so long live rock!

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