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This blog probably wouldn’t exist if not for my love of Wilco, so I always feel like I need to let the whole world wide web of music lovers know that Wilco is returning with new music.

It’s been a year since their last album Star Wars came out so the announcement of a new album came as a bit of a shock.  But I say strike while the iron is hot.   They are putting Bob Dylan to the test with what seems like their own version of the Never Ending Tour.

The two singles are acoustic numbers that have the feel of the Tweedy project, Jeff and his son worked on a few years back.  It feels like the band is on a porch and just doing an impromptu jam.  I don’t want to say the words Yacht Rock but it does have that peaceful, easy feeling going for it.  However, as expected Jeff Tweedy says differently.

“I think this record is ‘joyously negative. It’s sad in a lot of ways but not in any that reach a conclusion of doom or hopelessness… I just had a lot of fun being sour about the things that upset me.”

Time will tell if this is the direction for the whole album which will be entitled, Wilco, Schmilco and is to be released on September 9.

“If I Ever Was A Child”


Artwork designed by the mad brain of Spanish cartoonist Joan Cornellà

Wilco Schmilco

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