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Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg‘s first two records had a distinctive Dylan sound to his music.  I think Jake got tired of the comparison because like Dylan (oops, still comparing) he’s reinventing his sound and changing up his vocal sneer in the song “Bitter Salt”, but the bitterness is still there as he yells at his partner “It’s getting old and it’s all your fault”  It’s part pop, part rock, part vintage 60s.  It’s on!

Whenever I see the name Adam Schlesinger attached to a project I pay attention.  No one knows his way around a pop song like Adam.  He’s one of the songwriting partners in Fountains Of Wayne,  he’s responsible for the music in the film, “That Thing You Do”, he writes the music for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and he just produced an EP for the band Fever High which contains the summer infused song “Spit It Out”.  You’ll immediately think Bananarama and like all of Schlesinger’s work, it’s hard to resist.


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