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Dolly Parton 1987

Dolly Parton 1987

Finding new Christmas music is hard.  You have a month to break a new song through and most people are already on vacation,  So unless your name is Adele or Taylor Swift no one is going to have time to give you a listen.

Here are two songs I had time to listen to that I think are worth your attention.

Everyone loves Dolly. She’s written, performed and/or sang so many beloved songs that I always smile when I hear one of her songs and remember that “Oh yeah, she sang on this one too”. Case in point is “Hard Candy Christmas” from the film version of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”  Although she didn’t write this song, (Carol Hall is the composer) count on Dolly to lift everyone up singing the stanza “Me, I’ll be just fine and dandy”

I bring this up because Cyndi Lauper has an album coming out next year called “Detour” covering Country classics. Here is her version of “Hard Candy Christmas”

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo of The Both combine the upbeat with the melancholy on this winning track “You’re A Gift”.  It’s a great gift from this gifted duo.


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