2 for 2uesday

Two songs this week that are worth your time.



Artist: Lauren Strahm aka Fleurie

Based: Nashville

Sounds like: The big drum sound from Florence & The Machine mixed with the noirish vocals of Lana Del Rey and electronica.  It’s a recipe that works well when the hook kicks into the middle of the song.

Memorable lyric: “If it feels right it’s probably wrong”.  I’m sure Movie Supervisors are already ready to match this song with the perfect movie.



Jot Green of Rum Thief

Jot Green of Rum Thief

Artist: Rum Thief

Based: Chorlton, Manchester

The story: After playing drums for various bands, Jot Green decides to make like Dave Grohl or Phil Collins and strike out on his own

Sounds like: Someone that loved The Libertines and the debut album from The Arctic Monkeys. The energy is infectious. The vocals are spit out like a true rocker and yet there’s a melody that still hooks you in. I forgot this type of music existed. I’m glad someone is still inspired to make some punk rock grit.


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