2 For 2uesday

It must be Fall as two downbeat songs caught my attention this week.

Elliot Moss

Elliot Moss

Elliot Moss “Best Light”

Reminds me of an upbeat James Blake however his vocal style is so relaxed he sounds like he can use a nap.  This might have something to do with the lyrics.

“I was tired
and you were standing in the best light
It was so bright,
so bright, so bright,
that I forgot about the dark”

Elliot Moss is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer from New York. The sound has the feel of a late night in downtown New York.  It draws me in and intrigued me so much that I pressed replay as soon as the song ended.

Miner “Better Instincts”

It’s all in the family with Miner.  Consisting of husband & wife Justin and Kate Miner, along with Justin’s brother Jeremy Miner and drummer/percussionist Tobias Urbanczyk. Their first single “explores the perpetual inner battle between our aspirations and darker impulses – a battle often lost despite our best intentions.”  I want to hear more but will have to wait until their album Tuanaki is released in the first quarter of 2016.

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